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It has long been a dream for Ronit and Moti to share their Ego2Heart practice with couples in other countries, in addition to their successful workshops in the United States. We are proud to announce that in 2012, they held their first International Couples Weekend Workshop in Germany. They are pleased to share the amazing results:

Dear Friends,
Our premiere INTERNATIONAL Weekend CouplesWorkshop was held September 6-9, 2012 in a breathtakingly beautiful, agricultural area near East Bavaria, Germany. We felt extremely fortunate to be invited to Germany to facilitate this retreat, which turned out to be exceptionally successful and healing for the participants – as well as for us.

The following testimonials reflect the unique transformation that the couples experienced as they were able to shift into a deep third consciousness, practicing a heartfelt way of communicating and listening to each other. We are confident that these couples will continue to practice the skills that will bring them a deeper, more meaningful and intimate way of communicating with one another.

  • Something has changed between my husband and myself. The bridge is slowly...but surely growing. I am so glad you are doing this work and shar[ing] it.

  • The workshop with Ronit and Moti was both a unique challenge and an opportunity for me. I come with a closed heart and left grateful to set free what was blocking me in my relationship.

  • It was a deep... and touching experience.To feel the healing impact of radical honesty and speaking and listening from the heart was a gift for all the participants in the workshop.

  • It was a sculpturing of a new experience of communicating.. thanks to the simple and down to earth style of the facilitators.Their personable and loving way enabled us to see the entire colors of the rainbow in our relationship.

International Workshops Available

If you are interested in having Ronit and Moti facilitate an immersive, International Couples Weekend Workshop for you and a partner, or a group, we urge you to contact us. Ronit and Moti would welcome the opportunity to share their heartflet communication practice with couples of all nationalities.

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