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Ego2Heart Couples Workshops have made a positive impact on hundreds of relationships...

Read and hear what other people say about their experience at our Couples Workshops.Our communication methods have worked for many people. Your relationship with your partner can improve, along with your relationships with other people in your life too! We hope you join us for an upcoming Workshop. Call us to reserve your place, or use the Contact form.

Here are just a few examples of the positive feedback we have received.

  • I had the great fortune to have Dr. Moti Peleg and Ronit on "Couples Therapy" where they shared their beautiful love story, the work they do to keep their love strong, and their Ego2Heart practice. They are clearly passionate about their work, and each other. This passion moved the cast members and inspired many of them to practice the techniques that Ronit and Moti shared.
    - Dr. Jenn Berman, host of VH1 "Couples Therapy" show

  • "Israeli Women Doing Business in Bergen" recently came to Ego2Heart for a special women's circle. Here's what the group had to say:
    "What a day..WOW!!!! I'd like to thank our host Ronit Rinat for inviting us over and for teaching us how to better listen not only to one another but mostly to ourselves, to our HEARTS. Thank you Ronit for having us and for the "Maagal Hakshyava." We all left with a big smile and with new hopes for living in a better world. A world where people just listen to one another without criticizing and judgments.What a PLEASURE!!! Ronit Rinat's saying after the meeting: "Thank you for bringing the first women circle. May this special group of "Israeli women Doing Business in Bergen" bring many more listening circles of the heart. I want to wish each and every one of you Abundance of life's blessings and most of all a heart connection with yourselves and the world around you."

  • Ego2Heart is the only workshop I experienced where I have been introduced to such a deep way of listening, communication skills and an amazing self-awareness. This process has given me and my husband a vision of hope, enabling us to begin rebuilding our relationship under your guidance with listening tools, surrendering and acceptance. You have provided us with a practice to improve our marriage, to turn our difficult situations into resolvable and healthy solutions. You guided us to bond from the heart as one, in spite of our ego and for that we are grateful to you.

  • I am so happy that I came to the [Couples Workshop] retreat. It has been one of the most rewarding steps that I have ever taken. I am leaving with an enlightened heart and a positive way of thinking. What has been given to me is something that I cannot only enhance my relationship with, but also to pass it on as useful information to many others who need it. Thank you so very much!

  • I experienced the most amazing weekend, something I never experienced before. The love between the couples, the stories that came out, the mystery and challenges facing relationships and the work that was done and must continue! All was a part of the most wonderful weekend I ever experienced. I feel so blessed to have been included, to spend this weekend with truly amazing and spiritual, warm compassionate people. Thank you.

  • Worth every moment of effort put into this weekend. Rewarding, hopeful, love filled, closeness, friendship. Hope for the future. Thank you for sharing this opportunity with us so I can pass it on. I experienced a most wonderful and insightful weekend surrounded by wonderful people.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your soul and spirit. Together you are doing a wonderful, most important task. You are teaching us a spiritual way of opening ourselves up so we can open up our relationship and make it grow. This was truly instrumental in setting the foundation for fixing our marriage. Thank you.

  • There are so many of life’s little gems I feel I have acquired this past weekend — a gazillion thanks for showing me these gifts. The warmth and hope and the willingness exhibited by all to grow through their shadows was so rewarding, it defies adequate words by me. Though there are no words there is a field where we met. Thank you, thank you.

  • This retreat was powerful and empowering. 

  • A beautiful, inviting home with views of Hudson River. As soon as you walk in, you feel a sense of peace and tranquility. Beautiful spacious bedroom with private bath. The Ego2Heart retreat is groundbreaking! Whatever worries or baggage you came in with, you are elevated by the teachings learned during the process. We highly recommend it. Looking forward to using the tools learned to foster a new and exciting beginning. Thank you!

  • This was a wonderful, insightful practice. It allowed us to help express ourselves, and to be in touch with our emotions and feelings. The tools will be forever in our practice to help us communicate with each other – and for all communications.

  • I am so grateful to Ronit and Moti for sharing this practice and opening their hearts to us.  This is what we’ve been looking for and I know that we have the tools to help communicate and move forward with a stronger relationship. The house has a very special energy and capacity to hold space for those searching to connect to a higher power. Not only was this a great space for our couples retreat, this house would also be a wonderful spot for a family reunion, or for other groups to gather and grow.

  • This was a most enlightening experience for me. I have learned how to have an in-depth communication, how to listen, when to speak, trust, and be radically honest. Most important to me was the discovery of listening to the voice of the relationship.

  • My experience at the workshop was exceptionally useful to me and to my wife. It helped us to reunite after a breakup in our marriage and finally realize who we are and what we have to do as a couple to develop a more fulfilling relationship with one another. I trust that this practice will help many other couples like us.

  • For me, this was more than a couples workshop. I left with a sense of enormous self-awarenes that I have not felt in years, maybe ever. I was not expecting that at all. I know I have been avoiding “me” – just expecting our relationship to grow and improve by itself. And while the thought of looking at myself, by myself outside of any relationship is stressful, I feel very calm. It was like getting a mental massage. The workshop teaches you to communicate with your partner, but can also be applied to your family (children, parents, etc). This could be a great opportunity for teens and adolescents who are already in family therapy. I really enjoyed the open honesty that the couples shared. I feel like I’ve made connections with loving people and hope that our paths cross again. As a couple – Opening up in front of others and working through council makes us feel closer to each other. Once you start, you really can’t stop. Yes, there will be things we don't agree on, but council teaches you to work through those differences in a mindful and respectful way. Being at the workshop was like being in the movie The Wizard of Oz – you’re searching for something that you don't know you already have. Council is or can be to couples, what the great wizard of Oz was to Dorothy, the lion, tin man and scarecrow. Thank you for a great weekend.

  • This workshop was very heart-opening. The tools and practices will carry through with us. Thank you!

  • The treasures that we found here will be in our lives forever. Keep on the path & spread this wonderful gift.

  • Thank you for an enlightening weekend. We laughed, cried, relaxed, learned and enjoyed.

  • I wanted to let you know I had a really great time with you and Moti and everyone else at the workshop. I find myself thinking back and missing it all the time. It was such a peaceful, rewarding, and spiritual experience. I didn’t even realize the richness of being with you and everyone else until it was over. Your spirit truly shines through you.

  • I just completed the Ego2Heart Couples Retreat. The program was just wonderful and empowering. I got so much from the weekend. My partner and I really connected and Moti and Ronit gave us goals of increasing our intimacy and getting over our fears of getting raw with each other.  The group exercises were fun and exciting. Our group was compassionate and nonjudgmental. We all got along and the other couples' insight and advice was also beneficial. The house is beautiful. I felt like I was in a five-star resort. Our bedroom had everything you could want. The bed was so comfortable that I slept like a baby. The grounds were spectacular. There are wrap- around balconies; there are relaxation spaces, meditation spaces and everything else you can imagine. If you want to help your relationship, you must attend a couples retreat. I truly felt that it gave us the tools to help and heal our relationship.  Bless you, Moti and Ronit, for giving the spark back to my partner and me.

  • Thank you for your powerful introduction to the council process. We will use this process and believe it will help a lot as our relationship evolves. We are learning to tune into the voice of our relationship-- it is what holds and nourishes myself and my wife in our togetherness and communication. The voice, the more it grows the clearer it gets and stronger it gets. By our using this practice, the more it will help us see and feel what we have together in our relationship. This is something we could not provide for ourselves. It’s what we came together for, by God’s grace. Thank you!

We value all opinions and welcome past attendees' comments and suggestions. If you attended one of our Couples Workshops and would like to give us your feedback, please use our Contact form. Thank you!
– Moti and Ronit