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Do you want a deeper, more fulfilled and intimate relationship with your partner? We've seen it happen many times with couples worldwide who have attended our Couples Weekend Workshop. It can happen for you, too.

The goal of our workshops is to help both partners in the relationship practice listening intuitively to each other and to the “Voice of the Relationship” – an entity existing as a third consciousness in the relationship. It serves as a neutral witness with a pure perspective, allowing for spontaneous heartfelt communication between couples, which helps heal the relationship by giving voice to what the relationship needs. In the process, the partners open themselves up to the mystery of wholeness and deep bonding.


Our Ego2Heart Couples Weekend Workshops offer a simple, heartfelt communication practice that deepens love and the bond between partners. It is a process devoted to building trust based on The Four Intentions:

  • Speaking from the heart
  • Listening from the heart
  • Speaking spontaneously
  • Speaking lean

The workshops are useful for a wide variety of couples. Those caught in combative relationships can learn to move beyond their differences. Relationships that have “gone flat” can become reinvigorated and grow closer. Individual empowerment flourishes in a relationship that has gained access to the "Voice of the Relationship."

Our workshops are based on our personal story, a journey of finding ourselves individually, beginning our destined relationship, and embarking upon the path that has led us to fulfilling our life’s purpose. Through our experience, we offer couples a way to expand non-judgmental, compassionate, and mindful listening with spontaneous and heartfelt expression, using the same practices that have deepened our intimate relationship — meditation, dream work, shadow exploration, synchronistic awareness, intuitive listening, connecting with nature, and learning to listen to the voice of the inner child. Ultimately, the journey brings couples into an awareness of the “Third Presence” and allows them to hear the “Voice of the Relationship.” We conduct Ego2Heart workshops in the U.S. and around the world as part of our commitment to share this practice with couples and to help them develop a more intimate relationship.

What to expect:

During the Couples Workshop, couples have the opportunity to create a quiet, sacred space with no interruptions, including cell phones and computers. Couples are guided through communication exercises designed to enhance heartfelt listening and speaking skills. For example, one couple sits on the floor encircled by several other couples seated around them. The couples that form the circle will eventually sit in the center to take part in this exercise. Until it is their turn, they offer support by letting the couple in the center know that they are not alone, that everyone is there to address challenges in their relationships. The couple in the center sits across from each other, holds hands, and makes eye contact. Each partner will take a turn holding a 'talking piece' and will share their feelings, stories, dreams, and conflicts while the other partner listens compassionately with no judgement. As each couple listens to each other speak, they will also hear and be guided by the healing voice of the relationship. Trust is gained as all couples commit to keeping whatever is said in this circle completely confidential. Yoga, meditation, and nature walks are other common activities that can be enjoyed during your Couples Workshop.

Each workshop and opportunity to exchange in this heartfelt communication process is a dynamic experience that leaves couples feeling refreshed, filled with openness, revelation, and hope, and better able to engage with life – and each other – after returning home.

Upcoming Workshops

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Benefits for couples:
  • Enhance your listening skills
  • Learn to connect to feelings and to express them
  • Discover new ways to resolve conflicts
  • Build mutual respect
  • Gain a sense of connnection and bonding
  • Let go of the Ego and connect to the Heart
  • Rejuvenate passion and sexual intimacy

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Couples Workshops are usually offered the first weekend of each month, and begin Friday at 4 pm and end Sunday at 12 noon. Space is limited to six couples per workshop.

Cost for the Couples Weekend Workshop is just $1500 per couple. Reservations are required. Please call us at 845-384-3033 to register for an upcoming Workshop. All major credit cards are accepted.

This immersive weekend allows you both to relax, rejuvenate, and focus on your relationship in a beautiful and serene setting. The workshops at HeartsEase mansion are held in the scenic Hudson Valley of New York -- just 1.5 hours north of New York City.


Couples session

Ronit and Moti Peleg during a couples session, speaking and listening from the heart.

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