Have you ever walked into a house and felt its presence or sensed it was speaking to you? If so, then you have an idea of what we experienced when we entered HeartEase the first time. It enveloped us with positive signs and amazing energy. Although it was in total disrepair, we knew the house would someday belong to us and that it's fate was in our hands. It needed a complete renovation, but it was worth the effort.

The house has now been restored to its former glory and is a peaceful place. As our home, it nurtures our souls and we hope it will nurture yours as well.


Heartsease -- as it appeared in the early 1900s.


Special Events

The historic house "HeatsEase" is available for photography sessions and film location shoots. Please call our office at 845-384-3033 for more information or use our contact form.

An original fountain restored along with the gardens.


HeartsEase historic mansion overlooks the west side of the Hudson River. This is a very scenic part of New York and is a pleasant 1.5 hour drive from New York City. Formal and naturalistic landscapes are successfully integrated through carefully planned restoration, and the property is ideally suited for photo shoots and film locations, as is the exterior and interior spaces of the house. Please see our Photo Gallery.

If you would like more information about rental of the house or property for a photo shoot, or movie location, please use our contact form.

Please visit the Ego2Heart site to learn more about our Couples Workshops in which we share our communication skills in heartfelt listening and speaking.

General Inquiries

For inquiries about the rental of HeartsEase, please use the Contact form.

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Ego•2•Heart / HeartsEase
9 Chambers Road
West Park, NY 12493

To contact us, please use our Contact form.