Thank you for taking the first step in learning more about our relationship practice, Ego2Heart. Our personal awakening to new dimensions of love led to the discovery of our life’s work. Now, we want to share what we have learned with you.

In our Ego2Heart workshops, we will introduce you to a practice that has transformed and deepened the intimate relationships of couples worldwide. Through this practice, they have embraced listening and speaking authentically from the heart. You, too, will unlock the vast potential that is created by listening intuitively to “the voice” of your relationship. You will learn methods for dismantling roadblocks to intimacy and embrace a fuller, more passionate, more present life. Practicing heartfelt communication will inspire an awakening to your deepest nature, enhance creativity and illuminate a spiritual connectedness of being rather than doing.

"Worth every moment of effort we put into this weekend; Rewarding…hopeful…love filled…closeness…hope for the future."
— Previous Workshop Participant

We invite you to join us in one of our monthly Ego2Heart weekend retreats in New York’s scenic Hudson Valley, offering a spectacular backdrop to this meaningful and essential work. Ego2Heart Workshop participants will have the opportunity to connect to each other with simplicity and truth, ultimately shifting to a heightened state of awareness and divine bonding. Yoga, meditation, and nature walks are common activities that can be enjoyed.
— Dr. Moti Peleg & Ronit Peleg

We have Couples Workshops coming up!

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Watch our 5-minute video (below) about how Ego2Heart came to be.

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